Paid Work Experience for Students

SBI helps students with disabilities get temporary work experience (internships) by placing students at companies  (Including SBI) with real jobs.  The goal is to help students acquire skills that can be used to:
  • Build and strengthen the content on their resume to demonstrate to employers that they have work experience
  • Increase skill set for potential future employment
  • Build self-confidence in support of finding and securing future jobs
The program serves young adults age 16 to 21 years with disabilities, who are looking to gain work experience. All students have to be enrolled in a minimum of one class.
Identifying the Students:
In partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation, SBI determines the students’ ability and availability to work.
Identifying the Placements at SBI: 
In partnership with the student, the Department of Rehabilitation counselor, and the Paid Work Experience Manager an Individual Service Plan meeting is held in order to match the students interests and/or capabilities with open positions for students at SBI.
Identifying the Placements at Other Companies:
SBI will reach out to potential companies both small and large from a variety of industries to explain the program. Interested parties are welcome to contact SBI as well.
SBI's for Internal and External Assignments:
  • Pay the student’s salary
  • Cover the students worker’s compensation
  • Prepares the student for placement
  • Identify the capabilities & interests of the student
  • Match the capabilities and interest of the student for suitable placement
  • Provide assistance if and when needed
Companies Where Students are Placed if the Student has an External Assignment:
  • Provide job description
  • Provide training
  • Provide feedback to SBI on performance (SBI will provide evaluation form)
Each work experience can last up to up to 100 hours with the company and be completed within a three month period.
After the first Work Experience:
  • There is potential for an additional work experience with the same student
  • SBI can provide another student for a work experience
For more information, please contact Karen Strasilla, SBI Operations Officer, AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL