COVID-19 SERVICE IMPACT NOTICE: With the goal of serving our community while prioritizing the health and safety of clients and staff, SBI currently offers remote services (using Zoom) for Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation only. Please note: Situational Assessments are not being offered at this time due to in-person requirements.  Inquiries from individuals, families, and organizations should be submitted to Karen Strasilla at KStrasilla@SBIcares.org or by calling us at 408-715-2205.
Services For Brain Injury (SBI) provides assessment services for people with all types of brain injuries to help accurately determine potential for employment and/or program/support needs.

  • Evaluation to determine a client's potential for employment and need for program/support services.
  • Assessment areas include: orientation, attention, visual perception, language and communication, memory, executive functioning, psycho-social, academics, technology, activities of daily living, upper extremity and fine motor function, balance, endurance, and mobility, vocational interests and work sample studies.

  • Simulated Environment — unpaid work skills and performance assessments for various work trials in a business-like setting. Designed for clients to experience the actual job duties associated with different work positions while assessors determine the clients work readiness; if the identified skill-set is transferable to other occupational positions; and, how a client might perform functional activities in potential future employment positions.
  • External Environment — paid work skills and performance assessments in a community setting designed to assess the work readiness of clients in various employment areas.

Please contact Karen Strasilla, SBI Operations Officer,
AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL KStrasilla@SBIcares.org