Employers Hiring SBI's Clients

SBI has been recognized by the State of California Department of Rehabilitation, corporations, and foundations in the Greater Bay Area and in Silicon Valley as a leader in the support, training, and advocacy for the brain injury population. We have established a track record of matching the skills of our clients with the needs of your company and companies our geographical area.



  • Recruitment costs are minimized. The recruitment costs of advertising, applicant assessments, screenings and orientations are reduced.

  • Training costs are reduced. The Job Coach will assist in all training of required job procedures. The Job Coach will also assist in the performance reviews and problem solve as needed.

  • Job analysis is conducted. An Employment Specialist will assist in analyzing the candidate in the job setting before hire.

  • Assistance with ADA requirements is provided. The most current information on ADA requirements is provided and questions are answered.

  • On-site training for other staff is offered. Training is available to employees regarding working with the disabled.



  • Pre-employment assessment and training is completed. All candidates skills are assessed and matched with appropriate training to make them successful on the job.

  • Career counseling is provided.  All candidates are provided with career counseling including testing as needed and matching interests and values with existing skills.

  • Guidance given on job-seeking abilities.  Our Employment Specialist will attend interviews, give feedback, and provide suggestions for positive job-seeking skills.

Please contact Dolores (De) Raposas at (408) 715-2224 or  draposas@sbicares.org.