Work Readiness

SBI’s Work Readiness Program addresses barriers impacting brain injured clients and clients with cognitive disabilities as    they work toward increased independence and gainful employment. The program focuses on development of a positive self-concept and successful workplace integration. Each client is responsible for designing a contract of individual goals to address the particular personal and cognitive issues most affecting his/her functional abilities.

The Work Readiness Model involves practicing cognitive skills to improve behavior deficits. Our learning methods are centered on the following concepts.

Self Insight Promotes understanding of self and the changes present after brain injury
  • Understanding brain injury
  • Identifying and controlling emotions
  • Stress and anger management
  • Exploring self-concept
  • Developing a realistic picture of strengths and weaknesses
Communication Promotes development of appropriate communication skills for community and work setting
  • Communicating effectively one-on-one and in group settings
  • Learning effective listening skills
  • Use of assertive skills and differentiating assertive and aggressive communication styles
  • Reading body language and using body language cues when communicating
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Review positive and negative methods of communicating

Realistic Goal Setting Promotes a sense of control in attainment of individual goals
  • Realistic goal development methodology
  • Developing and implementing action plans based upon identified barriers/goals
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Organization and time management
Workplace Integration  Promotes successful integration into a community-setting workplace
  • Disability in the workplace review Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Making a good work first impression, looking at dress and self presentation
  • Organization and time management
  • Examining the worker role
  • Projection how the group sees you; how you think the groups sees you
  • Communication skills to use on the job with peers and supervisors
  • Asking for reasonable accommodation
In addition to the above, ongoing areas covered in Immersion include the following.
Strategies for memory enhancement
Daily check-in
Note taking
Adaptive technology
Daily planner/journal utilization
Other activities and strategies as appropriate
Please contact Karen Strasilla, SBI Operations Officer,
AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL