Volunteering as an Individual

SBI Needs You!


Volunteering at the SBI facility is a great way to get involved. These “bite-sized” assignments enable you to make a difference in as little as one hour.

Recurring Commitment Needed:

  • Volunteer Assistant Therapist – Physical Rehabilitation

  • Volunteer Assistant Therapist – Cognitive Rehabilitation and Independent Living Skills

  • Volunteer Client Mentor

One-time Volunteering Appreciated:

  • Guest Interviewer

  • Volunteer Assistant – Logistics

  • Volunteer Assistant – Outings



Ready to share your talent and kindness for a good cause, alongside like-minded individuals? We have a number of opportunities, covering a range of time and financial commitment!

  • Join the SBI Board to make lasting and long-term contributions.

  • Become a Friend of SBI to contribute your know-how to specific projects within the Fundraising Committee, Program Committee, Marketing Committee, or Technology Committee.

  • Help as a SBI Advisor to promote SBI to your network and community.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact Carmela Corpuz ccorpuz@sbicares.org