Education & Awareness

for Students

One group of people most at risk of traumatic brain injury include young adults, especially those between ages 15 and 24.  Services for Brain Injury (SBI) partners with local high schools to educated, inform, and get students involved in working with our clients who have a variety of brain injuries or cognitive challenges.   Our program can also meets the student Community Service requirement for some schools.  
SBI has as customized a 3 hour day where students: 
  • Assist the Karate Master instructor as he teaches clients the various Rehabilitation Through Kenpo (RTK) movements.  (see video 4:51)
  • Assist the staff as they work with clients in activities such as in- house bowling, basketball, and other sports activities.
  • Assist the staff as they work with clients on puzzles, board games, computer aided learning, and other interactive cognitive challenges.

Please contact Karen Strasilla, SBI Operations Officer,
AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL