Work Readiness

COVID-19 SERVICE IMPACT NOTICE: With the goal of serving our community while prioritizing the health and safety of clients and staff, SBI currently offers virtual programs (using Zoom). Inquiries from individuals, families, and organizations should be submitted to Karen Strasilla at or by calling us at 408-715-2205.
SBI’s Work Readiness Program is vendorized by the California State Department of Rehabilitation to address barriers impacting the ability to maintain successful employment.  Through individualized training in a peer setting, participants learn to work effectively in a team, keep emotions in check, resolve conflict, build confidence, and more.
Potential Client Diagnosis:
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Developmental Disability
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Mental Health Disorder
  • Visual Impairment

Self Awareness:
Handling Feedback, Psycho-education, Realistic Career Goals, Self-confidence
Professionalism: Appropriateness, Disclosure, Reliability, Stamina

Social Awareness: Active-listening, Nonverbal Communication, Respecting Boundaries, Team Work
Soft Skills: Handling Conflict, Leadership, Stress Management, Time Management
Please contact Karen Strasilla, AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL