Independent Living

SBI understands people with brain injuries need structure in order to learn and succeed. But it is a delicate balance. Too

much structure limits challenge and growth. Too little structure causes confusion and agitation. SBI’s programs are

designed to assist people with brain injuries in overcoming or adapting to physical and/or neurological deficits while

maximizing their functional abilities.


Our Pre-Vocational and Independent Living program is structured and active at all times. Through each step, qualified and experienced staff members provide guidance and positive role models working side-by-side with clients. The goal is the gradual completion of more challenging tasks with increasing independence and personal responsibility. This nuanced approach builds a sense of individual accomplishment and self-esteem through productive activity which can become a foundation for returning to work.


Our team approach is focused on returning people with brain injuries to the highest level of functioning possible, while

emphasizing strengths and accommodating unique needs.  SBI has a Life Skills Lab that allows people with brain injuries to activities of independence through “hands-on” experience.  Job trials assist clients who want to return to work by creating real-life work environments in which to practice. Pre-Vocational and Independent Living clients also receive individualized services from a certified, licensed staff of Speech, Occupational and Physical therapists, and a psychologist.


Health and Hygiene

  • Promote appropriate health, hygiene, and grooming behaviors for interviews, employment, and ongoing maintenance


Self Awareness

  • Identify individual effects of brain injury and learn strategies for coping,anger management, and appropriate communication


Money Management

  • Learn or relearn money management skills and budgeting practices to increase financial independence


Meal Preparation

  • “Hands-on” training for the planning, shopping, and preparation of daily meals at home and for work



  • Familiarize clients with public transportation system and other means of related mobility in our community


Computer Literacy

  • Learn basic skills for job search, employment, and community resources


Community and Home Safety

  • Develop the skills necessary for moving around safely at home and in the community


Organization and Memory

  • Reinforce compensatory strategies in organization, concentration, and memory for home and work settings

  • Learn and practice specific skills in the area of vocational interest and ability


Physical Fitness

  • Provide supervised use of SBI’s exercise equipment




  • Increase self reliance and confidence

  • Develop social skills

  • Improve in safety awareness

  • Participate in adaptive physical education

  • Identify transportation resources

  • Develop compensatory strategies for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Hone problem solving skills

  • Enhance computer literacy skills

  • Improve reading comprehension

  • Increase ability to plan and prepare daily meals


Please contact Karen Strasilla, SBI Operations Officer,

AT 408-715-2205 OR E-MAIL