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Our goal is to help our clients reach their highest level of independence

Services for Brain Injury (SBI) has served individuals and families in the greater San Francisco Bay Area touched by all types of brain injuries since 1989. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide education, advocacy, and support to enable survivors to regain skills to maximize independence and return to work.


SBI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Each year more than 10 million individuals experience traumatic brain injuries (TBI) worldwide. In the United States alone there are an estimated 5.3 million people living with a TBI. There are at present a small number of brain injury rehabilitation centers operating nationwide, most of them are not equipped to support individuals who live with TBIs.


Services for Brain Injury (SBI) is a non-profit in the Bay Area that helps people impacted by brain injury. SBI is one of a handful of facilities in Santa Clara County offering post-acute rehabilitation services to the persons continuing to live with TBI. 

The Centers for Disease Control refers to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a silent epidemic. The problematic impacts include depression, learning disabilities, issues with concentration and memory, speech problems, chronic fatigue, migraines, vision problems, difficulty walking, and behavioral changes. These impacts are not immediately visible to the general public.


Sometimes medical professionals, employers, family members, and individuals who have experienced TBI’s themselves may fail to recognize the TBI symptoms. As TBI’s continue to remain largely invisible, the consequences for those living with TBI of social isolation and stigma can lead to a downward spiral of neglect, frustration, economic loss, torment, and despair, and contribute to caregiver stress.

Recognizing there is no cure (only time-consuming rehabilitation), SBI sees recovery as starting with acknowledging these limitations, and learning to compensate. SBI acknowledges the importance of addressing the whole person across physical, mental, emotional, and social impacts.


We recognize that an integrated rehabilitation team is essential in addressing the two primary phases of loss for individuals with TBI: the loss of previous level of functioning and the loss of independence. The primary phase can be followed by a loss of social relationships and loss of job or profession which SBI also focuses on. 

Our mission is to improve long-term outcomes for individuals, and to find ways to lift those affected by TBI out of the cycle of despair and enter into effective management, treatment, and reintegration.


This continuum of care consists of proper screening, identification, and whole-person care. An array of therapies, vocational, educational, and recreational support provide a path to reintegration into society.



In 2019, SBI served 494 clients in the Bay Area with workforce training and clinical therapies.

How You Can Help

Volunteer with your team or as an individual.

81% of your tax-deductable donation goes to helping our clients.

Proceeds from our fundraisers helps SBI serve more people with brain injuries or other cognitive disabilities.

Our clients have been trained, prepared, and are ready to be employed by you!

Your purchases at smile.amazon.com can support SBI.

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