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Kenpo is a time-proven, ancient Japanese martial art that engages mind, body and spirit to develop a learners’ inner self and gross-motor-skill interactions. Kenpo is unique among other practicing arts because of its holistic approach and self-connectedness. Given these characteristics, it was hypothesized that Kenpo could improve gross motor skills for people with brain injury in the domain areas of static and standing balance, body movement coordination, situation awareness and neuromotor response. Increased self-confidence through gross motor skill development was also theorized to reduce the client's fear of falling. A Kenpo study with people with brain injuries who use wheelchairs lasted twelve weeks at Services For Brain Injury.

The Kenpo study was led by Kenpo Master Ted Sumner, a 9th Degree Black Belt and owner of San Jose Kenpo. Kenpo Master Sumner was one of the first in this discipline to work personally with a severe TBI client in a therapeutic environment. His one-year training and treatment plan with the client revealed unprecedented outcomes. This led him to formulate a larger study of Kenpo with people with brain injuries at Services For Brain Injury in San Jose. Please read the full article at this link for the publication Talking Heads.
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